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Certified lawyer

Gu Meng, Chief Partner

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Gu Meng Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm is the chief partner of the Democratic National Construction Association, the founder of the Falcon venom team, the founder of the legal team of the Tianping Times, the director of the Ningbo Lawyers Association, the member of the Criminal Professional Committee of the Ningbo Lawyers Association, and the tenth lawyer. representative
Contact number: 13337837550
Education: Master of East China University of Political Science and Law
Practice experience: I have been working as a lawyer for nearly 20 years, and have handled many successful cases. There are many major and influential cases in the whole country and the whole province. For example, the first case of Xiangshan County in 2018, the case of volunteer disputes, the middle-level people of Ningbo City The second instance of the court upheld the original judgment, and the compensation was executed in place and came to an end. The case was perfect and the response was huge. The "Ningbo Evening News" and "Legal Daily" viewpoints and CCTV "Rules of Law Online" have all reported on the CCTV rule program several times. The case of compensation for the damage caused by Qian’s first act was broadcasted by CCTV-12. Shao Mou’s second trial of the death penalty has proved the value of Ningbo’s lawyers while proving his own value.
Professional expertise: good at criminal defense, committed to corporate and executive legal risk prevention. The adoption rate of defense opinions is relatively high, and some cases are acquitted and treated with sin. Gu Meng and his team advocated effective defense before the trial, and the defense port moved forward, and the results were extremely obvious. In the past few years, the team has been on bail in the investigation, arrest, review and prosecution. Actively carry out research on legal theory and litigation practice, write papers, compile and publish professional books such as "Guidelines for Drug-related Cases", deeper criminal law theory, rich experience in criminal case handling, and considerable research results in criminal defense.
“Gan is the balance of the town” is low-key, pragmatic, efficient and dedicated. Gu Meng and his professional team have been quietly working in the vast world of legal services.


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