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Certified lawyer

Wang Baoliang,Lawyer

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Wang Baoliang Practicing Lawyer
Contact number: 15888515868
Education: Zhejiang University Law School
Practice experience: Before engaging in lawyer work, he worked in insurance claims and legal advisors in insurance companies, and accumulated rich practice in insurance contract disputes, road traffic accident tort liability disputes, labor dispute cases, corporate legal counsel, contract review, etc. experience. After entering the law firm, he independently handled or participated in many civil and commercial contract dispute cases, marriage and family inheritance dispute cases, work injury cases and criminal cases. Lawyer Wang Baoliang uses more professional legal knowledge, fuller work enthusiasm, more enthusiastic service attitude, and strives to provide better legal services for the parties.
Main service areas:
Traffic accident disputes, insurance contract disputes, labor disputes, work injury insurance treatment disputes, marriage and family inheritance disputes, private lending disputes, criminal defense, victim criminal charges, corporate perennial legal counsel.


8:00 - 18:00

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