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Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm
Add.: 14th Floor, Yinyi Waitan Mansion, No. 132, Renmin Road, Ningbo, 315020, China

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Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm is a professional legal service provider, under administration of Judiciary Administration Bureau of Zhejiang Province Government, P. R. China. It is a partnership Law Firm established according to Chinese Lawyer Law with 10 lawyers. All of our  lawyers are graduates from well-known law schools in China, and is a young team with well-knit law theory knowledge and experiences which are accumulated from many years of practices. At same time, the team has the character of youth, that is, with energy and enthusiasm, and acuminous attention to national economy policies, reforming of legal environment and trend of social direction. And the power to deal with complicated legal matters.

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