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Xinmu Party Branch: "Don't forget the original heart, remember the mission" and deepen the theme of education

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  On the afternoon of September 27, 2019, the party branch of Xinmu Institute organized the second collective learning meeting on the theme of "Do not forget the original intention and remember the mission" to further deepen the activity of "thousands of party lessons into the grassroots and ten thousand party members on the podium". The meeting was chaired by the branch secretary Wang Rong, and all 10 party members and active members of the branch participated in the study meeting.

  At the meeting, the party branch collectively conducted an in-depth study on "Excerpts from Xi Jinping's" Don't Forget the Initial Mind and Remember the Mission "". At the same time, the members of the branch also conducted a intensive discussion, and each party member shared his experience.
  The party branch of Xinmu Institute strictly follows the requirements of superior party committees and earnestly deploys the "not forgetting the original intention, remembering the mission" learning work, and implements the "not forgetting the original intention, remembering the mission" to the usual In life and work, improve the political position of party members and lawyers, and promise that each party member should keep his original heart, shoulder his mission, find gaps, grasp implementation, and temper the political character of being loyal and clean.
Yu Jiaqian, Party Branch of the Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm of the Communist Party of China
September 27, 2019



8:00 - 18:00

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